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    umwho is the one-touch way to exchange and store contact info. Whether you’ve met a new friend or connected with a new colleague, with patent pending umwho, you’ll be certain to not only have all the deets you need, but also remember exactly who they are.





  • Meet and greet just got great.

    No more fumbling with your phone (or god forbid a pen) when you should be having a conversation. With patent pending umwho, just touch Meet to see who you’re talking to, then touch their name to exchange their profile with yours. And just like that, you’ve made a new contact.

    Simple, secure info exchange.

    We take your privacy and security seriously. Only you get to decide who gets your info. And all your data you share with us is encrypted so only you, and those you choose to share it, with can see your contact information. If you don’t want to give up the goods to someone, simply pass on their request and get on with your life.

    3D touch to stay in touch.

    With an iPhone 6s, you don't even have to open the app to exchange info. Just 3D touch the app icon and you're connected.

    Dual Profiles

    At a business event and want to give that CEO you just met your best professional profile? Or maybe you’re out on the town and you meet a new friend who you’d like to remember you by some more personal details. Either way, no sweat. Umwho now offers professional and personal profiles. Switch between them on the fly so people always remember the right stuff about you.

    Terrible with names? No one will ever know.

    Can’t remember a name? Don’t worry, it happens to all of us. But only umwho helps you solve the puzzle.


    Search by place: Maybe you’re not sure about the person’s name, but you do remember the place you met? Search the location and umwho will show you the name and picture of the person you met there.

    Search by location:

    But sometimes you’re not sure about the name of the place—but you definitely know that you were in San Francisco when you met whatshisname. umwho will show you everyone you’ve met in any city on a map to help jog your memory.

    Search by date:

    Or maybe you met someone at a meeting, convention or a party that you know happened on a specific date. umwho knows when you met a contact, so you can search them by date as well.

    Get started with crazy simple setup.

    No forms, no typing. Download umwho, select your preferred login and your profile can be set up automatically and ready to rock.

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